• Weed Control

  • Like it or not, weeds are a fact of life.  They get transported from one location to the next by animal, human and mother nature.  While we at Clearview understand that, it does not mean we have to put up with it.  Along with a fertilizer feeding program, we will work with you to develop a weed program.  This program might consist of a weed and feed all in one option that allows us to take care of your yard in one process or it might consist of separate applications for weed control.  The decision on how to handle weeds will be based an a yard analysis and a neighborhood analysis.  If you neighbor has a certain weed, there is a good chance you may have it as well.

    Weed control is not just a once a year deal, this would be an ongoing program that would work to stop and kill current weeds during the current growing season, in case you already have problems, and would work to prevent future growth in later seasons as well.