• Turfing

  • Did you move into a newly built home that the builder did not put in a lawn or put in a limited amount of lawn (Yes it does happen)?  Do you have sections of your yards that have been neglected over the years and could use some help.  Then Clearview can come to your rescue with the placement of turf.  We will work with you to determine what type of grass you are looking for, how much you are wanting to cover and what needs to be done to prepare the lawn.  Turfing is one of the fastest ways to create a new lawn at your home.

    Turfing is the process of covering your lawn in actual germinated (growing) grass.  Think of it like putting a blanket on your bed.  We will take turf (also known as sod) and place it on your yard.  Turf generally comes in either pre-cut squares or in long rolls.  Each lawn is different and one type might work better than another.  Our goal is to match the correct type with your lawn setting.  Our goal is to accurately place the turf on your lawn, cutting and reshaping it to fit the location, as needed.

    Once you turf has been laid, we will work with you to develop a maintenance program that includes some of the following:

    • Fertilizing - weed and feed the lawn
    • Mowing, weedeating and edging
    • Health checks
    • And other items

    We will also discuss with you a proper watering program for the lawn.  It will be the responsibility of the client to maintain proper water management on the lawn.  We will work with you to determine the best times to water (within city regulations), how often and how much.  During normal maintenance visits, we will discuss if there needs to be any changes in watering based on what we can visually see at the time.

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