• Tree Trimming

  • Whether your home or business is new or been around a while, you most likely have some trees surrounding it.  As trees grow, like anything that grows, they will need to be taken care of.  Most of the time, this care is in the form of pruning and trimming.  We at Clearview are here to assist you in developing your trees as they grow.  Even if you have older, more mature trees, they might be able to use a little trimming to help them to continue to thrive.

    Trimming trees helps you define the character of the tree.  Maybe you want a nice shade tree with space to sit under it on a bench, then we would need to clear out and trim any long hanging branches.  Maybe you want to have your tree grow fuller, by trimming out some not needed branches, your tree will be able to grow and fill in beautifully.  Trimming should be done from the very beginning, this allows your tree to learn and grow in a form that you are looking for.

    Another reason to have your tree trimmed is for safety.  As trees grow and get older, some sections tend to die.  With the weather and winds that we get each year in Texas, these dead limbs or branches can be dislodged from the tree and come tumbling down on top of people, building, vehicles or pets.  We can assist in the safe removal of dead, dying or unsafe sections of your tree. 

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