• Tree | Stump Removal

  • Tree's die, that's just a fact of life.  Clearview has a working knowledge of trees and their functions.  We would rather help your trees to grown strong and health through out trimming program, but we realize that there will come a time for the tree to be removed.  Whether your tree is died, dying or is in danger do to health problems, we will work with you to develop a plan of action.  Our goal is to safely remove any requested tree and attempt to restore the location to a natural state.  We want the stop to look as good or better, as the rest of the yard.

    Sometimes, a tree can be a nuisance and needs to be removed or relocated.  Before we remove any healthy tree from a property, we will discuss the decision with the owner and determine if removal is necessary or if there is another option to allow the tree to remain.  Trees are a vital part of nature and to the overall health of a lawn and our planet.  They also enhance your home and property both visually and value wise.  Please ask for our help before deciding that a tree needs to go.

    Along with tree removal, we also remove the stumps.  Some companies will remove the upper portion of the tree and leave you a stump in your yard.  For the overall safety of your home, family and health of your yard, our goal is to completely remove all tree stumps from your yard.  This does not mean we are going to dig up your yard and remove all the buried roots, but we will remove the main portion of the stump and possible any exposed roots that are a hazard.

    If you have or think you have the need for a tree to be removed or have stumps that you want gone, please contact us to day to schedule a free estimate.