• Overseeding

  • Here at Clearview, we understand that there are times when you lawn needs a little more help.  Do you have dirt patches that form, dog run marks or just sections that are light in coverage.  This is were overseeding can come to your rescue and should be a part of your regular lawn care program.  While overseeding has been around for a long time, the idea is still fairly new to homeowners.  Not all lawns need to be overseeded and some will see no benefits from it.  We will discuss the options with you and create a plan that meets your needs.

    For the most part, overseeding is the process of of mixing grass seed with your existing lawn and allowing for new growth to come in and replace some of the older and dying grass that you have.  This provides the ability for your lawn to continue to grow and look good as well.  If you have a new lawn or sod that has been placed, we can overseed your lawn with an annual rye-grass that will help to fill in and protect the yard, until the current lawn has an opportunity to establish itself.  We can even overseed your lawn to allow for it to stay greener longer into the fall/winter after your normal grass has turned brown by going dormant.

    Contact us today for your free estimate and let us help you develop an overseeding plan, with the following information:

    • Does your lawn need or would it benefit from overseeding
    • Are you trying to overseed an established lawn to make if fuller
    • Will you need reoccurring applications as time comes on.  Maybe once a year in certain areas
    • What type of grass to overseed with.
    • Overseeding for new lawn protection
    • Fall/winter overseeding benefits