• Lawn Programs

  • At this time, Clearview Window Cleaning and lawn service does not have a prepackaged lawn program.  While we do reserve the right to create these in the future, at this time, we feel better each customer their own individual program for their unique situation.  While businesses receive a custom plan that generally has nearly the same items as another business, we still tailor them for each unique location.  Now, homeowners, you are a completely different story.  We want to create a plan to works for your home and for you.  Our job is to take the worry about your lawn care from you and just let you enjoy your life.

    When we come and give a free estimate, our initial concern is what you have called us out for, whether it be lawn mowing service, tree trimming or removal or something else.  We will discuss that request with you and start to create your estimate.  If we notice things that we have a concern over, we will bring those up at this time as well, since they may need to be addressed at the same time.  We will also talk about future work that you may be wanting, or that you might need. 

    Some of the items we may discuss with you when creating a lawn program for you, are the following:

    • Mowing, weedeating and trimming
    • Weed control
    • Fertilizer and feeding programs
    • General lawn maintance
    • Fence repair, replacement or installation
    • Tree and stump removal
    • Shrub, hedge and bush trimming
    • And other related services

    Call today yo have us come out and provide you with a custom estimate.