• Lawn Mowing

  • Lawn mowing is one of the main focuses at Clearview and we feel is one of the most important.  We work with each client to determine what they needs are and tailor our program to them.  In order for any lawn to look good and grow in a healthy manner, mowing is essential.  Also, maintaining a well groomed lawn helps to keep you from getting into trouble with your local code enforcement agency.

    Whether you yard is larger enough for the latest zero-turn mowers or needs more personal attention using a push mower, we have the tools to meet your needs.  Generally, we prefer to leave the clippings on the yard to allow it to turn into a natural fertilizer and help with the continued growth of a health lawn, but if other options are needed, they can be discussed on a per-job basis.  If you have a large amount of land that needs mowing, we may utilize a tractor and brush-hog mower for the majority of the property and our zero-turn for sections along roads, drive-ways and other close personal areas.

    Part of our mowing program is to also weedeat and in some cases do edge trimming.  Weedeating (or trimming) allows us to give your yard a nice clean look without damaging trees, shrubs, flowerbeds and more with out mower or damaging our equipment.  This allows us to trim these areas to make it look uniform with the rest of the work.  Edge trimming is done, when needed, along walkways and driveways, in an effort to cleanly cut the grass along those items, both for a nice clean look and to prevent possible damage to them by plant undergrowth.

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