• Hedge Trimming

  • Most home owners have some type of hedge, shrub or bushes around their property.  These items can grow and if not maintained in a timely manner, they can go out of control.  Clearview takes pride in cleaning up and maintaining these.  We will discuss the options that you have and work with you to develop a game plan.  There are many reasons to have your shrubs, hedges and bushes maintained, including enhancement of your property and safety.

    Whether you are planning on living in your home for a long time or in the process of placing your home up for sale, having well maintained hedges, shrubs and bushes gives your home a nice curb appeal, that you will be proud to showcase to the public.  When these items are keep nice and clean looking, everything else looks just as nice as they do.  Increase the value of your home, just by sight appeal.

    Now, take into consideration safety.  Most police departments recommend maintaining shrubs, hedges and bushes as a level that is a towards the bottom of your windows on your home.  By keeping your hedges, shrubs and bushes well maintained, you are removing cover that a thief might use to break into or surveillance your home.  You are taking away their cover.  Not only will this take away their cover, it allows people on the street to see what is happening and allows you to have a clearer view from the inside.

    If you are using a hedge as a living fence between you and your neighbor, its a good idea to keep it maintained as well.  Keeping it nice and clean and preventing it from over-reaching onto your neighbors property is the polity thing to do.  Plus keeping it maintained will allow it to continue to grow and fill in correctly, creating the barrier that you are looking for.