• Fertilizers

  • Beautiful lawns don't just happened, they are planned out and created.  As with anything that grows, providing proper food to your lawn is essential.  Clearview takes your lawn care very serious and wants to see it grow right and healthy all the time.  We will work with you to determine what best feeding options are available for your lawn.  All grasses need different types of fertilizers applied at different times.  Just because you have a southern lawn, does not necessarily mean you need a standard southern lawn fertilizer.  We may even take a soil sample to have it check to see what items your lawn has and what it might be missing and create a fertilizer program based on that.

    We will take into considered the unique nature of your lawn while building your program.  Another factor that we will take into consideration for your lawn program is what will your lawn need to have done to be prepared for the wintertime.  You personal fertilizer program may consist of some of the following:

    • Pre-Spring preperation
    • Spring fertilizing and feeding
    • Mid season feeding
    • Fall fertilizing and feeding
    • Winter preperation
    • Weed control
    • And possible more