• Commercial & Sports

  • If you own commercial rental property (not family residents), a stand alone business building, church, school or sports facility, Clearview can help you with your lawn care and maintenance needs.  We will create a plan to meet the needs you have today and those that you might have in the future.

    Whether you are need lawn mowing to keep your property looking nice, or only have hedges/shrubs that need to be trimmed to give a nice clean appearance we can help you.  No job is too big or small for our team, so call us for your free quote today.

  • Commercial Property

    Whether you rent commercial property to someone or stand alone building, lawn care service is still something that you most deal with.  We have a simple solution for you, allow us to work with you to develop a lawn care program and we will remove that burden from your shoulders.  By having a lawn care service, you are able to provide your renters, employees, clients and visitors with an enjoyable and safe visit to your locations.

    You have a large number of benefits that could be seen by allowing us to maintain your property for you, including:

    • Higher chance of rental of space
    • Higher resale value - if selling the location
    • Business safety and security
    • Employee safety
    • Visitor and client safety
    • and more
  • Churches

    We are especially dedicated to working with local churches to meet their lawns needs.  By allow us to maintain your lawns for you, your church will be able to focus on other missions, such as outreach programs, children's programs and more.  No longer do you have to worry about having the Pastor mowing the facility or ensuring that a church member is going to be able to get it done before your next big event.  We understand the need for being consistent in getting projects done and we can remove that burden from you.

    Having a well maintained lawn at a church is very essential.  It presents a nice and welcoming view to the community, this might allow your church to grow.  You are providing a safety factor to both your property and visitors, by allowing for clear views, that might prevent someone from breaking in unseen or allowing worshipers the opportunity to see what is happening outside the building.  Enhance your image, provide safety and allow us to worry about the lawn for you.

  • Soccer and Softball-Baseball Fields

    This a passion to play games ourselves, we are pleased to offer our lawn care services to organizations that have playing fields.  Whether your a church, private school or small community, we can develop a plan that will work for you.  We can offer lawn mowing, weed control, weed-eating and tree or shrub trimming services.  We will work with you to provide a nice, clean looking facility for your guest to come and play.

    Our services are designed to enhance your location, making warm and inviting and provide a level of safety that only a well maintained location can provide.