• Are you a home owner that is looking for affordable lawn service, we can work with you to meet your needs.

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  • Are you a landlord or property owner looking for services to maintain your lawns and outdoor areas for your renters/leasers.  We offer service that specialize in these types of properties.

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  • Window cleaning is how we started.  Let us come to your location and provide you with clean windows.  This will help promote safety and give your visitors a good feeling.

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  • Do you own commercial rental property, stand alone business location or sports facility?  Then we have a program that is suit able to your needs.

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  • Our Staff Is Highly Dedicated To Their Job, Let Us Help You Get Your Life Back

    The time has come to for you to enjoy your yard.  You should not have to work on your yard during your free time.  That is time for family and friends.  At Clearview, we understand the importance of family and friends, as we are a family run business.  Let us take all your worries and the headaches of maintaining your lawn and give you your life back.

    Our staff is highly dedicated and will provide you with ongoing services that will help your lawns retain their natural beauty.  Whether you need your lawn mowed, hedges trimmed, fertilizing of your plants or such about anything else lawn and yard related, we can help you with your needs.  

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  • Individual Lawn Treatment Services

  • We will mow, weed-eat and edge your lawn as necessary.  Let us give you back your weekends and we'll take care of the lawn.

  • As trees grow, they will at times need to be trimming and cleaned up.  Not only does this help the tree to grow healthier, but can provide a level of safety around the tree area.

  • Trimming and cleaning up your hedges around your property for both beauty and safety.

  • We can install a new fence or we can repair/replace your existing fence that you have.

  • Let us help feed your lawn, both during the spring and the fall to help insure that your lawn is health.

  • Weeds are a fact of life in Texas lawns.  Let us help you by working to protect your lawns against weeds and other destructive plants.

  • Is your lawn thinning or getting patches.  Then let us come overseed your lawn and help return it to the richer and thinker condition.

  • Need to have a tree or shrub removed, because it has died or is growing in the wrong place.  We can help with the removal of trees and their stumps as well.

  • Window cleaning is how we started and we continue to provide a quality service to our customers.  Clean windows not only promote a pleasing view both inside and out, but also enhances safety.